The Heartland Flyer is normally made up of two recently refurbished Superliner Coaches and a Superliner II Coach/Cafe Car. All of the Heartland Flyer's coaches feature an upper level coach section with spacious reclining seats, complete with individual reading lights and large windows. The lower level of the two Superliner Coaches features 12 wheel-chair accessible seats on one end and restrooms on the other end. On the lower level of the Superliner II Coach is a full-service cafe car with an attendant and features snacks, sandwiches, soft drinks, cocktails, souvenirs and sofa style seating where guests can visit and watch the scenery glide by.

For the time being, there are no bicycle racks, but we are working to address that problem.

There are usually 4 individuals who work on the Heartland Flyer: 2 Conductors, who collect and sell all tickets, ensure that passengers board and detrain safely, and are responsible for the safe operation of the train; an LSA, or Lead Service Attendant, who manages the snack bar, and ensures the passengers' safety; and an Engineer, who is responsible for the operation of the train itself.

For the safety and comfort of all the passengers, we ask that you arrive at the station in plenty of time so that you don't have to run. The platform and steps can be damp or slick, and a fall can ruin your trip. And, please do not place objects on the tracks. Those items can become projectiles, which travel at high velocity and cause serious injuries.

On Board Menu

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