How often is he forced to hang out with her, does she force him to have sex too?

How often is he forced to hang out with her, does she force him to have sex too?

He can text shit like this, but he couldn’t text Vee when Brie threatened him and left her hanging for days after he said he loved her and promised they would be in this together

Vee wakes up in Xav’s house, she literally has marks on her thighs and they don’t even really talk about Logan. I’m sitting here waiting for explanations but Vee is making out with Xav to see if he’s still attracted to her. So we find out it’s cuz Brie was the one who knew about their confessions. Brie was the one who had videos of them sending notes to each other. Which is honestly ridiculous, how’d the girl get the videos? None of this is answered because we rarely got his POV and when we here are the findings did, it was for useless moments since HE JUST SITS THERE FEELING SORRY FOR HIMSELF. I get that Xav was afraid she would tell the school about his mom fucking a minor and her going to jail. She was bullied and ALMOST RAPED. People were calling her a whore, a slut, making her relive her father’s death. And what did he do? He acted like he was with Brie and gave in to what she wanted because he was scared to be exposed. Fuck you Xav.

Vee doesn’t have a backbone and fucks him after all the stuff she dealt with. Xav could’ve handled this so differently. He could’ve told Vee, he says Brie was watching his every move but come on. Xav and Finn are hyped up for being so powerful and untouchable. But then when some stupid girl threatens Xav, he acts like a fucking coward and complies with what she says? Why couldn’t he have talked to Finn? Why couldn’t he have texted Vee and deleted the convos so that she knows what’s up? Why didn’t he help Vee when she was getting bullied? He let it get so out of hand and for what? What the fuck was his plan? This makes me so angry, I’m so fucking disappointed this lost my stars.

And I know he loves his mom but he abandoned Vee

Vee leaves him before he wakes up and now it’s her turn to ignore him. And you know what’s sad? It takes sex for Xav to realize he needed Vee, it takes sex for him to feel motivated to sneak and meet Vee. Not when she was bullied by everyone, and insulted so horribly. Nah. It takes a coochie for him to realize he cares. When he refuses to go to a party with Brie, she threatens him with his mom going to jail. Brie is kissing Xav while sitting on his lap and he looks at Vee and texts her saying he wishes it was her. Like what the fuck bro I hated all of this shit.

Vee gets called to the principal’s office and Xavier’s mom, the nasty principal who fucked a minor, accuses Vee of creating all of this drama. Brie told the principal that Vee made this all up and Xav’s mom threatens her and tells her to tell her who the real Zac is and everything will go away. At this point, I was like bruh just tell her. They can finally move on, but nah Vee decides to protect Xav even though she suffered a helluva lot more.

Xav literally has the audacity to ask Dia if Vee is okay. ARE YOU OKAY XAV? Any person with a bloody brain will know that she isn’t okay. SHE HASN’T BEEN OKAY SINCE THE DAY YOU GOT TOGETHER. He finds out that Vee is moving, she is sacrificing her dreams by becoming Ash’s full-time assistant. Xav confronts his mom who is a disgusting piece of work, she tries to blame Xav and manipulate him, saying to let Vee take the fall. All because she fucked a minor, what the fuck, she is disgusting. Xav threatened her by saying the cops won’t agree.