Soul family mates also change roles with us over the course of different lifetimes

Soul family mates also change roles with us over the course of different lifetimes

Many of our encounters with a soul family mate, whether it was a brief meeting or a lifelong relationship, we will reflect on years later as what was needed, when it was needed, in order to get to where we are today

If you are wondering who these people are in your life, just close your eyes and think of those with whom you feel the closest connections with. Most of us have a sibling that we are particularly close with, a specific parent that you feel understands you on a deep level, a very special grandparent who loves you for who you are, a friend that has been there through thick and thin, a certain cousin that always makes you smile, etc. These are your soul family mates.

In one life they might be incarnated as your brother and in the next they will come back as your son, but your feelings for each other will probably not change much. These roles can change gender also, and I do often find instances of a same sex sibling or parent being a former spouse, etc. This is the type of soul mate that makes for the strongest, most loving, and supportive partnerships and marriages.

Although we can accrue karma with this type of soul mate, they are generally those that we have more of a clean slate with than karmic soul mates. They are quite possibly former karmic mates that we have gotten very close with as we spent many lifetimes working together to progress spiritually, as it is hard to say where and how these soul relationships originated. However our relationship started, we are very close to these people who are here to support us as we struggle through the many challenges that come with life in physical form. They are a gift, and should be regarded as such, as they are our “family” from the other side.

The real beauty of these relationships lies in the fact that we make mutual pacts, or promises to find each other and be together. We do this to present an opportunity, a new path, or a lesson that will provide the experiences necessary to learn and accomplish what it is that we have set out to do in this life.

The third type of soul mate is the twin soul. It is called our “twin” because we originate from the same source and have split in half in order to compliment each other.

I am unsure as to how and why this split occurs (I have only been told that it does), but when I use the wisdom that surrounds us in nature, it does seem to make sense. The act of creation, which is happening constantly in all living things, involves the act of a cell dividing into two equal halves. We can see this same act happening on a micro, as well as a macro level continuously as all life forms grow, change and evolve. Therefore, I don’t find it hard to believe that our souls would also take part in this process.

This is the closest we can get to the stereotype of a “romantic” soul mate (I have already established that we can and do have romantic relationships with soul mates of all types), in that this is literally our other half

It is our twin soul that inspires the fairy tales, being that one person who will “complete” us. Nearly every culture on earth, both ancient and modern, has references to this concept in story and symbolism. The yin and the yang is one of the best examples of this, which is a symbol that mirrors this cell division process, and also las mujeres mГЎs bellas Eslovaquia represents counterpart and balance. This symbol also represents male and female, as well as a joining of soul mates.