He couldn’t help but wonder what the tall, hung, sexy man had in store for him

He couldn’t help but wonder what the tall, hung, sexy man had in store for him

All Sawyer can muster (with a mouthful of dick) in response is a muffled “mmmhmmm. So Sawyer gets up on his knees on the bed and Kieran’s on all fours in front of him and away they go. A couple minutes of that and Sawyer says to Kieran, “let me see that ass of yours. Sawyer wastes no time, as he slaps Kieran’s ass playfully and dives in with his tongue. He reaches around to jerk off Kieran while rimming him and we’re in heaven watching Sawyer not only cross the line but como apagar a conta asian single solution run past it with flying colors. I make sure we get some great wide shots of the boys, so we see some wonderful images of Sawyer’s entire perfect body. The guys joke around a bit about Kieran’s ass as Sawyer slaps it some more.

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Sawyer laughs about how there’s “not much meat back here” with reference to Kieran’s small butt. Soon enough, Sawyer is prepping to take things a step further, as he wraps it up and gets ready to plow the waiting Kieran. And Sawyer doesn’t waste time, and barely lets Kieran gets used to his dick inside him — he just *goes*. Kieran is panting and grunting on the other end, seemingly happy at the events that are unfolding behind him. Kieran flips over on his back, pulling his legs back behind his knees with his hands, giving Sawyer better access to fuck him. Sawyer bucks faster and faster, eventually arriving at an enormous spurting load that sails all over Kieran’s chest. Amazing. It’s insane. And then Kieran shoots his own load over his chest.

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Wolf’s office. It wasn’t long before the doctor walked in and informed him that the device to his right was an ultrasound machine and that he would be able to see inside Caleb… while he was inside Caleb. This, of course, immediately aroused the boy, feeling the usual flutters in his stomach that the hulking doctor always elicited. Caleb, similarly, drew out the ravenous animal inside the De obvious as he began to undress the eager boy and feel him up. Caleb melts a bit in the Doctor’s wandering hands, like a clay sculpture being molded.

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