Amtrak travelers 62 years of age and over are eligible to receive a 15% discount on the lowest available rail fare on the Heartland Flyer.

Accessible Services

The Heartland Flyer and all Amtrak trains have at least one coach car providing accessible seating and an accessible restroom. Overnight trains offer accessible seating and restrooms in at least one coach car and an accessible bedroom in each sleeping car. In addition, food and beverages can be delivered to you by an on-board crew member.

Accessible seating includes space for a passenger using a wheelchair, a transfer seat and storage for the wheelchair.

Amtrak trains can accommodate most wheelchairs in use today, provided they meet the ADA definition of a "common" wheelchair—up to 30 inches wide by 48 inches long (76 by 122 cm.), both manually operated and battery powered.

Passengers using common wheelchairs, including battery-operated chairs, can remain in their wheelchairs enroute. If you choose to transfer to a seat, power chairs can be checked as baggage, and manual chairs can be stowed in the car or as baggage. For passengers who do not require their wheelchairs while on the train, Amtrak's baggage service will accept manual and battery-operated wheelchairs.

Important note: Baggage service for wheelchairs is available only if your boarding and detraining stations provide baggage service and if those stations are equipped with the following accommodations:

  • high-level platforms
  • low-level platforms if the station has either a forklift or a wheelchair lift
  • low-level platforms if the station is served by Superliner coach-baggage cars, allowing the use of an on-board ramp through the baggage door.

The assistance you may need when you board or detrain depends on station facilities and the type of train you are using. All of the stations on the Heartland Flyer's route are ADA compliant, with the exception of Norman, which is currently undergoing temporary renovation. Some stations on other routes have high platforms, and, if needed, we can assist you across the gap between platform and car by using a bridge plate. Other stations have low-level platforms, and we provide level boarding through the use of station-board lifts. The weight limit for the lifts is 600 lb/725 kg (occupied wheelchair). Trains operating with bi-level Superliner and California car equipment board on the platform level using a wheelchair ramp that is carried on board.

For more information on Amtrak's commitment to making travel accessible, please call the Amtrak Access desk: 1-877-268-7252 between 8:00a and 4:00p Central Time.